Customer Stories and Insights

April 17, 2021

What is Remote Patient Monitoringnavigation-next-alternate

... RPM bridges the gap between a patient and their provider to make sure that both parties are working together ...

April 16, 2021

Future of Healthcare - Digital Healthnavigation-next-alternate

Patient health will be constantly monitored while the current paradigm is to track patients through sporadic in-person appointments Remote monitoring devices give the provider more data points to pull from and facilitates prevention through the early diagnosis of life-threatening and chronic ...

April 22, 2021

Real-time RPM Data is the Missing Piece for Truly Meaningful Healthcare Data Sciencenavigation-next-alternate

Predictive analytics based on 3-month old data can do so much. What the US healthcare needs is real-time data that can help quickly assess the current situations and predict any adverse events in "real-time". Yubin Park, PhD in Machine Learning from UT Austin, talks about his experience in the healthcare analytics and what the industry needs at the moment.

April 22, 2021

What does it mean to have "Real-time" Remote Patient Monitoringnavigation-next-alternate

Yubin Park, PhD, talks about what it means to have "Real-time" Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in the US healthcare space. With Real-time RPM, you have more touch points and prevent unnecessary hospitalization events more effectively.

April 22, 2021

RPM initiates a Chain Reaction for Better Healthenavigation-next-alternate

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is not just "measuring" patients' physiological data at home. It provides the common ground between care teams and patients, and open up deeper discussions; a chain reaction for better health. Listen how Orma Health's members are improving their health via Orma's Remote Patient Monitoring program.