Orma Health

A virtual care platform for payers and providers in value-based care
Seamlessly capture the full value of remote patient care

Who we are

The landscape of healthcare delivery is rapidly changing, and we believe high-quality remote patient care is here to stay.

In the midst of drastic paradigm shifts, we asked ourselves one bold question: What if remote patient care becomes the primary means of healthcare delivery? How would we design a technology solution to support such a new model? How should we capture the full value of remote care to fairly compensate both providers and payers?

We are experts in building innovative health technologies, navigating various government programs, and analyzing complex healthcare data. We have built several successful healthcare companies and operated risk-bearing medical groups in the past. We set out to develop a remote patient care platform that fits into value-based care models.

What we do

We closely work with innovative and like-minded providers and payers. We have designed our solutions to deliver immediate ROI to our partners.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Hospital Systems & Physicians


Managed Care Organizations

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